Tuesday, May 13, 2008

telcos are assholes lloyd


Check out that link. It'll prove to you that you are being fucked by txt rates.

I'm soon to cancel my existing phone and ditch sms until or if it becomes sensibly priced.

This is just to help you become more angry with the big utility companies that you can do little about.

Coming clean

I'd like to come clean on the blog. Not like many people read it, but I've been tying to live multiple lives on the internet.

Living one life over at the Zoo blog, one on my podcast site, and some various other ones in the video game worlds.

This was due to paranoia about people finding out who I am, lol.

Soo here on this blog for the first time, I will be posting a link to my podcast.


Its a strange world we live in when even Joe Moore is paranoid, lol.

If you enjoy or hate anything on the blog or the podcast, let me know via comment or email.


Friday, May 9, 2008

Plastic bottles

With all the hype in the last month about plastic bottles, I wanted to throw my two cents in the pot.

Sigg bottles from Switzerland is going to make a killing on this, because they are the best but expensive alternative to Lexan(no7) Nalgene bottles. I just bought one to replace my Nalgene, and it is good enough for now.

Other aluminum bottle companies can also make huge inroads here, if they take advantage of the current plastic phobias that are running wild. Kleen Kantene is one competitor in the market, maybe its time to have more competition? Some US based manufacturers?

Nalgene's soft plastic bottles that were not victim of this scrutiny suck. I've used them for years, and they make the water taste gross, just like a leeching plastic bottle would. I don't think this is a good route going forward either.

Maybe bio-plastics, or other substances could be made into bottles? Plastics engineers get yo shit together. I (maybe we) need something new, so I can be free of plastic paranoia.

Do the permaculture + organic types have any thoughts on this?

Update: 5-16-08: I purchased a Sigg bottle and a Camel Back BPA free bottle. Both are nice. Nalgene has responded very responsibly to the problem. You can check it out here. They clarify a few things that help in regards to this problem. http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com/

Friday, May 2, 2008

Future topics

How to non-violently embarrass your international competition (shhhh. I mean "enemies"), especially if they call themselves a world super power, and you can't.

How to creatively and non-violently redefine life as we know it.

Most of what I want to write about here at the blog will be about thought experiments related to brainy stuff. I want to try to keep thoughts not worth thinking off of the blog. Not worth thinking will be defined by me. If you want to help me redefine "not worth thinking" let me know and we can talk.