Friday, December 14, 2007

Advert firm uses new technology to make people "hear voices"

Here it is.
Ad firm shoots sound into your cranium somehow off of billboards in NYC.
If an AD firm has it, the bad guys also have it.

This is very offensive to me that an AD firm would use this kind of technology and think it ethical. Although I can think of many funny uses for it, I don't think it should be used for marketing or outside of war zones.

Found the link on the media underground rss feed.

Update: New weapons in Iraq.

Death Ray Replaced By The Voice of God

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Chemtrail video on German TV

This video has English subtitles and goes over the phenomena in a fairly plain English way.

I've been looking at the subject very casually for a while, now it seems even Green party members and leaders are getting active about it.

Mike Adams - Health Ranger

I've been inspired by Mike Adams of He is a very healthy and active guy who is a professional health activist. Check out his site. I have found some very good stuff there, on what to eat, what not to eat. He has written a number of books, and hundreds of articles. Mike also has many free audio downloads if you have an interest in checking those out. I've been drinking the shake he has listed on there for about a week now and it makes me feel great, and full for at least 4 hours of the day. Check it out and hopefully you'll be inspired to.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

America is growing fascist.

Reading articles like this really get my view of the current congress + executive branch in a different state.
The title of the article is this: “America is going fascist: The signs are all there for anyone to see, and time is getting short for action.”

I was reading articles such as this all the time for a while and it put me in quite the dark place. I've since stopped reading them frequently, but now and again I bump into reminder articles like this. It is important to be cognizant of this kind of governmental trend because it is archetypal, and has been seen through the ages, across the globe.

Thought I would share.

They can’t make you not love, and I suspect that is what they are trying to beat out of you. The ‘super-man” can come in any social situation, become the super-man.

I’d like to cite Crowley’s Liber OZ as a way to summarize how I feel about this kind of situation. The rights are not yet thwarted, and it is hard for this to be done. Hopefully we have many years left before this happens.


"the law of
the strong:
this is our law
and the joy
of the world." AL. II. 2

"Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law." --AL. I. 40

"thou hast no right but to do thy will. Do that, and no other shall say nay." --AL. I. 42-3

"Every man and every woman is a star." --AL. I. 3

There is no god but man.

1. Man has the right to live by his own law--

to live in the way that he wills to do:
to work as he will:
to play as he will:
to rest as he will:
to die when and how he will.

2. Man has the right to eat what he will:

to drink what he will:
to dwell where he will:
to move as he will on the face of the earth.

3. Man has the right to think what he will:

to speak what he will:
to write what he will:
to draw, paint, carve, etch, mould, build as he will:
to dress as he will.

4. Man has the right to love as he will:--

"take your fill and will of love as ye will,
when, where, and with whom ye will." --AL. I. 51

5. Man has the right to kill those who would thwart these rights.

"the slaves shall serve." --AL. II. 58

"Love is the law, love under will." --AL. I. 57

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Expression Engine

I've recently been developing a site for a client using a CMS package called Expression Engine. It used to be called pMachine when it was a blogging application. Expression Engine's coolest features is that you can make many templates that pull particular customized fields from any number of "weblogs" you have that contain a vast array of custom fields in them. So far my experience has been great with it. EE is a good outlet for my existing web language knowledge, and helping me to push it to the next level. Expect me to blog my progress here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

homeowner funtime.. No heat @ home

Heat was out for 3 days in my house.... I eventually figured out the errors of my ways.

We temporarily heated the house with a pretty neat old kerosene heater. It is pretty old, and in fact was used to heat the house I grew up in starting around age 1. Which happened to be my first winter in NH.

Now I'm in Mass and need it frequently because I'm cheap and run out of oil all the time. My biggest fear in regards to this is that my girlfriend will get pissed. She says as long as the kerosene heater works, there is not that big of a problem.

So I didn’t want to order new oil until I got the furnace working. I got up early on Saturday morning to go buy some diesel fuel from the local Shell. I made 2 trips and bought 10 gallons total. My first mistake was detaching the oil feed line and then not re attaching in tight enough. I shouldn’t have disconnected it in the first place. I actually needed to unscrew the fuel/ air valve that was made to help prime the furnace. This was due to me not taking the time to remember what the oil guy did last winter. Lesson number 1…

Lesson number 2 would have been to not screw with the oil feed line if possible. Because of possible damage that can be done to the flare at the end of the pipe. I was forced to cut the old flare off and make a new one. To do this required some research into what it was actually called, and what tool did it. and helped me with this by browsing their tool selection. After expecting to pay $70 for the tools at Home Depot I got them for 20 dollars and tried it out on the feed tube. With my fuel soaked hands I made a pretty good flare and reattached the feed line to the furnace. While priming I was leaking air and just a little bit of fuel. So one more night without heat. People at work suggested I make a new flare, I did this and it turns out that what really needed to happen was to tighten the flare nut all the way. After I did this, the furnace lit up after a good prime. Lesson 3, tighten the nuts well enough so that air can’t leak through the “seal”.

Now we are warm and can burn through tons of the black gold!

What fun it is to be a home owner. Pure bliss and self confidence building tasks are quite abundant.

Friday, November 9, 2007


*update 3-17-2008* "I now have a podcast of my own!"

Is anyone into podcasting?
I am. For me it is a great way to ingest tons of content while doing other things like taking a mid day walk or driving to and from work. I've learned an enormous amount of things from podcasts. Sometimes they are composed like a radio show on NPR for example. Other times its lecture like material.

My 3 favorite podcasts are as follows. If anyone has some they'd like to share with me, please do.

They have to do with things peripheral to the new age (new aeon) type stuff I'm interested in. I do have to say they have greatly enhanced my understanding of the world I find my self in. They've pulled me out of the Alex Jones Abyss, and I feel like I'm in a much better spot knowledge wise.

I have toyed around with the idea of getting into podcasting as I am 100% unsatisfied with the current media establishment. The guys over at Disinformation publishing say "don't complain about the media, be the media". This here Internet thing make it so damn easy to get my ideas out there....

Frozen water on the pond... November 9

Yep so the pond has frozen. I'm not exactuly sure if this is a record or not. November 11.... Na, I bet it froze in October of past years. 30 degrees outside at 7:40am. Wahoo.

Raw Almond Butter

I made some raw almond butter a day or so ago. It came out great.

I used 2 cups of raw almonds, some grape seed oil, 2-3 tablespoons. I just splashed the oil in. No measuring the oil for me.

The Vita-Mix only took about 1 minute to smash them all up into a nice butter, and it tastes fantastic.

Thought I'd share.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


An interesting perspective of public figures.

57 minutes.

Using the 1992 presidential election as his springboard, documentary filmmaker Brian Springer captures the behind-the-scenes maneuverings of politicians and newscasters in the early 1990s. Pat Robertson banters about "homos," Al Gore learns how to avoid abortion questions, George Bush talks to Larry King about halcyon -- all presuming they're off camera. Composed of 100% unauthorized satellite footage, Spin is a surreal expose of media-constructed reality.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Orwell on Delusional Political Thinking

So far as I can see, all political thinking for years past has been vitiated in the same way. People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome. . . To appreciate the danger of Fascism the Left would have had to admit its own shortcomings, which was too painful; so the whole phenomenon was ignored or misinterpreted, with disastrous results.

The most one can say is that people can be fairly good prophets when their wishes are realizable. But a truly objective approach is almost impossible, because in one form or another almost everyone is a nationalist… The most intelligent people seem capable of holding schizophrenic beliefs, or disregarding plain facts, of evading serious questions with debating-society repartees, or swallowing baseless rumours and of looking on indifferently while history is falsified. All these mental vices spring ultimately from the nationalistic habit of mind, which is itself, I suppose, the product of fear and of the ghastly emptiness of machine civilization….

I believe that it is possible to be more objective than most of us are, but that it involves a moral effort. One cannot get away from one’s own subjective feelings, but at least one can know what they are and make allowance for them.

George Orwell, London Letter in: Partisan Review (Winter, 1945)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

New Thought!!!

New thought!!

Yiff and Ferverts…

Please do google image searches for more details of these two furry behaviors.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

God and I love furries


Back again with a totally different subject matter and attitude.

Please do some research on furries. They are probably the most hilarious phenomenon this side of the Atlantic. I bet some people are doing this over in Europe as well.

Furries are people who dress up and act as animals very frequently when they are not necessarily getting paid to do so. Many furries go to conventions to meet up with furries. Some post craigslist ads to find other furries to get funky with. Others have cartoon images that idealise what their furry should look like, huge abs, pecs, or boobs. I’ll post some links to places you can find furry pictures at the end of this post. Overall it’s a pretty strange sub culture, but well worth looking into for some laughs. Sorry if you are a furry and are reading this right now, its just so funny.

I have seen furries on the internet everywhere in this country from D.C. to San Francisco. They play games, drink, dance and party. Some even get freaky with their outfits on. One guy was permanently tattooed with cheetah spots and had the wiskers implanted in his face. You may have seen stuff similar to this on TV, there are more people like this out there than just him. It is way too funny… Modern ethical thought, and liberal social attitudes have created a very special form of nihilism that is fantastic for creating extreme-O people. I thank GOD almighty for the opportunity to see these funny guys on the internet in the past and again soon. Hopefully I’ll also meet a couple and have the guts to ask them some questions. If I do, you will most definitely hear about it.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A short response to the current media attention towards Paris Hilton.

Hi America, Just a quick reminder here that there are problems in the world other than Paris Hilton that merit far more attention.

Let me start off with a short list of atrocities that most likely happened as recently as a few hours ago.

How many people died in Iraq last night, or are now homeless due to bombs.

How many people were killed by genocidal governments yesterday and today in Africa.

How many women in China were forcibly sterilized in the last few hours.

How many children died yesterday due to not having clean water and food.

How much money worth of drugs did Congress do combined last night?

How many Palestinian children did Israeli soldiers use as body shields yesterday?

How much money did the US spend on researching and building new nuclear weapons yesterday? (Is it illegal for this country to build more of these? YES!)

The list could go on and on and on, but I will stop here. Hopefully my point is illustrated, and some of you can tell that the TV + crap news has trapped your brain in a little box that it controls. Don’t think about the real stuff, this news is what you really want to know about……

Best of luck!

Don’t forget that the highest truth and principle is love… without it we would all be lost.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bruce Willis: Celebrities Shut up.

This is in response to an article that received over 5000 diggs recently on

Here is the quote in particular that caught my eye and made me cringe.

"I don't think my opinion means jack s**t, because I'm an actor. "Why do actors think their opinions mean more because you act? You just caught a break as an actor. There are hundreds - thousands - of actors who are just as good as I am, and probably better. "Have you heard anything useful come out of an actor's mouth lately?" He adds, "Although I liked George Clooney's documentary on Darfur."

I don’t think Bruce was put up to saying this by any large interest group, but I do think his opinion reflects that of a large portion of this country. So to begin with, at the end of his statement he brings up one very good reason that celebrities should speak up. To be accurate, Mr. Bruce, it is not necessarily that their opinion means more than the rest of the population, just that their soap box is so much bigger than everyone else’s. I would hope that this party train of activist celebrities keeps going and they say something conscious, positive, whistle blowing or progressive at the very least.

What sparked me writing this article was that last night I saw Deal or No Deal on NBC and thought it was maybe about time to watch my second episode of it. At around 8:30 pm I sat down to watch it and previews of the nightly news started to come on. The biggest headline was something about the pet food scare from 5 or more weeks ago… Talk about mind numbing news. It is hard to say that this (the poor quality of news media) is not by design or that they are covering this issue for the ratings. So if the nightly news media is not going to cover issues that are worth hearing about, how are the people going to hear about them? Celebrities are the answer to this, or at least bold high profile people in the news media like Bill Moyers. Other places include Harpers,, and other internet news locations. rense.comPrint publications like AdBusters are also great for good content that is hard to find elsewhere.

Let us look at a few issues that have been in the public eye in the last couple years that celebs have helped out redirecting public attention towards.

Darfur – George Clooney, and many others. (There are many other genocides currently going on now as well.)

AIDS – Too many to count!

911 Truth - Charlie Sheen, Rosie O’Donnell, David Lynch, and others.

Global Warming (not totally convinced on this yet) Too many to count!

Environmentalism - Many, many, many, people.

Human Rights – Gay marriage to helping starving people get food – same.

Many more issues could be touched on, but I want to keep this blog post short.

So in brief, if the nightly TV news won’t cover these things well, who will? Non mainstream Internet and print media will. With the help of the celebs and the masses combined , the proper issues to focus on, will with luck, get the attention they deserve.

Please do consider becoming active in anything you care about. A warning up front may be useful... organizations however benevolent they seem up front, may be funtioning only to make certain people more wealthy.

In conclusion, Mr. Willis, I disagree with your statement, but love your movies.


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Book Report: Confessions of an Economic Hitman - John Perkins

After reading this book I was shocked and appalled by how incredibly deep the banks, industry and world governments are tied together. John Perkins worked in private industry and with the banks to help set the stage for the dire situation we, the people of earth, are faced with today. This book is exciting, informative and I highly recommend it as a good place to start reading about the "corporatocracy".

The corporatocracy are the financial elite who currently control the destiny of nations of all sizes who mostly use subtle methods like the media and loans, but also use techniques such as assassinations, and wars.

He covers topics such as setting up loans for small countries from large banks that would a few years later effectively turn the smaller states into 'slave states' for the global empire. These loans would be given with economic forecasts John Perkins and his fellow economic hitmen would design showing how the economy of the nation would boom after the money was used to build power plants, highways and factories. John admits that he didn't do his job if the country didn't eventually default on the loan.

John wrote this book at great personal risk with the intent of starting to atone for the misdeeds of his life, and to help put and end to the already on edge global empire. I commend him for his efforts.

Overall the goal of this book was to help people, like you and I to wake up to world events, and to try to work to make the world as we want it. This requires that we find our voice, grow up and start to live more intelligently and holistically. This requires a lot of effort that the current mode of existence most of us exist in, but the value of living an authentic life is immeasurable.

Thanks John for the great book! You are doing some fantastic work out there.

You can find more information on John Perkins here.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The introduction to my blog.

My name is Joe, I live in New England, and this blog is about things that concern my interests and things that I feel are noteworthy in the world around us.

It will relate to war, peace, spirituality, and other things.

I hope that you find some of this content useful to you.