Wednesday, November 14, 2007

homeowner funtime.. No heat @ home

Heat was out for 3 days in my house.... I eventually figured out the errors of my ways.

We temporarily heated the house with a pretty neat old kerosene heater. It is pretty old, and in fact was used to heat the house I grew up in starting around age 1. Which happened to be my first winter in NH.

Now I'm in Mass and need it frequently because I'm cheap and run out of oil all the time. My biggest fear in regards to this is that my girlfriend will get pissed. She says as long as the kerosene heater works, there is not that big of a problem.

So I didn’t want to order new oil until I got the furnace working. I got up early on Saturday morning to go buy some diesel fuel from the local Shell. I made 2 trips and bought 10 gallons total. My first mistake was detaching the oil feed line and then not re attaching in tight enough. I shouldn’t have disconnected it in the first place. I actually needed to unscrew the fuel/ air valve that was made to help prime the furnace. This was due to me not taking the time to remember what the oil guy did last winter. Lesson number 1…

Lesson number 2 would have been to not screw with the oil feed line if possible. Because of possible damage that can be done to the flare at the end of the pipe. I was forced to cut the old flare off and make a new one. To do this required some research into what it was actually called, and what tool did it. and helped me with this by browsing their tool selection. After expecting to pay $70 for the tools at Home Depot I got them for 20 dollars and tried it out on the feed tube. With my fuel soaked hands I made a pretty good flare and reattached the feed line to the furnace. While priming I was leaking air and just a little bit of fuel. So one more night without heat. People at work suggested I make a new flare, I did this and it turns out that what really needed to happen was to tighten the flare nut all the way. After I did this, the furnace lit up after a good prime. Lesson 3, tighten the nuts well enough so that air can’t leak through the “seal”.

Now we are warm and can burn through tons of the black gold!

What fun it is to be a home owner. Pure bliss and self confidence building tasks are quite abundant.

Friday, November 9, 2007


*update 3-17-2008* "I now have a podcast of my own!"

Is anyone into podcasting?
I am. For me it is a great way to ingest tons of content while doing other things like taking a mid day walk or driving to and from work. I've learned an enormous amount of things from podcasts. Sometimes they are composed like a radio show on NPR for example. Other times its lecture like material.

My 3 favorite podcasts are as follows. If anyone has some they'd like to share with me, please do.

They have to do with things peripheral to the new age (new aeon) type stuff I'm interested in. I do have to say they have greatly enhanced my understanding of the world I find my self in. They've pulled me out of the Alex Jones Abyss, and I feel like I'm in a much better spot knowledge wise.

I have toyed around with the idea of getting into podcasting as I am 100% unsatisfied with the current media establishment. The guys over at Disinformation publishing say "don't complain about the media, be the media". This here Internet thing make it so damn easy to get my ideas out there....

Frozen water on the pond... November 9

Yep so the pond has frozen. I'm not exactuly sure if this is a record or not. November 11.... Na, I bet it froze in October of past years. 30 degrees outside at 7:40am. Wahoo.

Raw Almond Butter

I made some raw almond butter a day or so ago. It came out great.

I used 2 cups of raw almonds, some grape seed oil, 2-3 tablespoons. I just splashed the oil in. No measuring the oil for me.

The Vita-Mix only took about 1 minute to smash them all up into a nice butter, and it tastes fantastic.

Thought I'd share.